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August 23, 2020

When it comes to replacing an entire roof on your Arizona house, professional training and technical knowledge are essential. Before you pull out the nailer and extension ladder, consider these three reasons to steer clear of performing a roof replacement yourself:

DIY Roofs Still Need Significant Resources

An entire roof replacement requires a substantial amount of time, money and tools. Since costs vary greatly based on the roof material, difficulty of the slope and size of the home, Angie’s List reports that costs fall between $1.20 and $8.77 per square foot. While you may see big savings by purchasing the shingle roofing yourself, don’t forget to calculate all the necessary miscellaneous materials and specialty tools to get the job done easier, faster and safely.

Personal Liability for Future Problems

Without a keen eye for spotting decking problems, weather damage and hidden issues, more problems will develop in the future. A professional contractor is accountable for fixing botched installations or replacing defects after the job is complete. Additionally, home insurance policies can be voided for DIY roof replacements, and roofing manufacturers only guarantee products that are installed by a licensed contractor. With good-quality roof materials lasting 30 to 50 years, having a warranty that protects your roof is a huge financial lifeline if something goes wrong.

Your Home’s Safety is Compromised

Along with the hazardous heights, steep slopes and dangerous power tools, simply walking on a roof with structural damage underneath can cause a collapse. One of the most common issues with improper installations is leaking, which can lead to mold growth and rotten beams. This creates major health and safety problems for your home and family.

When you hire Crest Contracting Roofing to replace your commercial or residential roof, you know that experienced professionals will arrive with the equipment needed to work safely and the expert knowledge to correctly install the materials to prevent future problems. Contact our roof specialists to get a complimentary inspection or learn more about our roofing options.

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