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September 27, 2022



If you have renovated or are planning to build a new room or home in Tucson, Arizona or surroundings, then choosing the right interior color could be a skilled surgeon decision or an easy one. First, you have to consider the color scheme that matches your home furniture. Secondly, decide on the finish you want your walls to have for that visual effect; whether it’s semi-gloss, satin or eggshell you should keep in mind the cost and if it is easier to clean and durable.

Colors reflect emotions, for example red, oranges and yellows bring energetic vibes to the room. Blues, gray, and purple provide a sense of calm which are a great option for bedrooms, and space where you need to concentrate. Whites, pastels, are excellent where you lack natural light or if you want to make a space look bigger. Living rooms that provide a desert color palette and play with one wall with a marigold in one wall and beige in the other are great combinations for your Tucson home.

Your ceiling is a fifth wall, so consider the following; if you want to create a sense of height, choose whites or pastels, if you want the opposite to create an illusion of coziness and warmth think about red, browns or yellows.

Crest Contracting can help you decide and more over create the feeling you want for your home. In Arizona homes, where kitchens, living rooms and dining rooms are often large spaces and recreate a ranch, pueblo style or Mediterranean home; color is the trick to define that home style you want to achieve.


Contact us and let us guide you with your home interior selection.


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