A quality, and complete maintenance program should encompass your entire commercial building, from preventing and addressing the safety hazards to maintaining the MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) to your commercial roof.

Whether you have a new commercial building or an aging building, it’s important to maintain your building’s health. Crest Contracting is equipped to maintain any type of building from brand new construction to historical and older properties. Our team of thoroughly experienced with all building types. Our highly skilled professionals will be a resource for you and will have an in-depth knowledge of construction compared to an average technician.

Do I Need A Maintenance Plan?

The level of maintenance needed varies from simple, medium to complex. A basic level can be considered from works as simple as the periodic cleaning of certain elements in order to eliminate dust, humidity and eroding or aggressive agents, etc., to the replacement or repair of certain components of the building; for example, replacement of lamps, switches and other elements of the electrical installation, painting, repair or replacement of hardware, carpentry, glass, tiles. Medium maintenance plan can consists of the repair of non-essential parts of the building to prolong its useful life and prevent more serious damage. It must be carried out by personnel specialized in this type of work. The complex repair or replacement of fundamental elements of the building; for example can be, main bearing elements and other important structural components.

Every commercial building should have a comprehensive maintenance program. Having a proactive approach to protecting your investment can save your business thousands of dollars. Investing in quality maintenance professionals who are knowledgeable about your commercial building can help prevent potentially catastrophic events from happening caused by lack of maintenance. Leaks or floods, roof failure, and fires are just some examples of the consequences of negligent maintenance. Contact Crest Contracting for your maintenance program plan.