For your new home or business contact Crest Contracting when it comes to Install- Repair or Maintenance for your plumbing system. 

You can count on Crest Contracting for your new plumbing system construction, remodel or renovation. Looking for a construction company to take care of those complex tasks like constructing your home's waste disposal system, installing gas connections and pipes, or installing water heater gas or electrical. There's no better partner than Crest Contracting.

With over 20 years of construction experience, we provide each client with the personalized service they deserve. From the beginning, we will walk your through process on how the project will be handled to the end. Contact Crest Contracting to get your free estimate and get started today!

Crest Contracting is grateful to have served and built lifelong professional relationships with several homeowners, local businesses, specialized facilities, and nationally recognized brands throughout Tucson. We are looking forward to helping you, too.


Plumbing systems from a smaller building to a big one are generally more complex than a basic house. In a commercial space, you can have a lot of people using sinks, toilets, drinking fountains, or other plumbing , when residential plumbing only has a single household. This not only means that there is more damage on the plumbing system, but things can get even more catastrophic when things go wrong. This is why you will need to hire a professional Plumbing Service like Crest Contracting.


The plumbing system in your home is formed by two separate subsystems. One brings clean water in, and the other takes wastewater out. The water that comes into your home is under pressure. It enters your home under enough pressure to allow it to travel all around the house or wherever else it's needed. As water comes into your home, it passes through a meter that records the amount you use. The main water shut-off valve is located near the meter. In a plumbing emergency, it's important that you rapidly close the main shutoff valve.

For those big maintenance issues or installations in your home, Crest Contracting will be there to provide the necessary help. 


From setting up the sewer line to the municipal sewer system, this rough in phase is just the start for the complex job that Crest Contracting will provide. Setting and connecting large plumbing fixtures like showers and bathtubs to the main water supply system is just one phase that Crest Contracting professionals will take care for your home or commercial building. 


Fast, professional attention in the event of a burst pipe or other complex plumbing problem can help you avoid costly damages. When you need general plumbing repair make Crest Contracting your first call. 

Our team focuses in general plumbing system repair and replacements, we comprehend there are emergencies that are unexpected therefore we charge fair prices according to the market in the Tucson area. 


Properly installed sump pumps, vent pipes, or tramps should still receive regular maintenance. However, regular checkups and periodic service from a trained professional can help avoid unexpected breakdowns and other issues. 

Call Crest Contracting to take care of contracting maintenance service for your plumbing needs. Contact us.