Home Addition

When it comes to home additions, it can be tough to know what you don’t know. How will an addition affect resale value? How much budget will be required? What are the building permits required? Will you need to build a foundation? Can you DIY it or do you need to hire a contractor? Whether you're thinking of adding on a second floor, or just putting in a cute dormer, all of these are questions to consider before adding on to your home.

Adding on to your home can be a cost-effective solution and increase the value of your home to offset the cost if done properly. Crest Contracting is the design and construction professional to turn to. Our team of experts will guide you through all your questions and will help you discover effective, cost conscious options to get the project done.

Crest Contracting is fast, reliable, and committed to deliver your home addition to your needs and create a finished product you are certain to feel proud of.

Designing your Home Addition

Regardless of your home addition plans, our design team delivers the best design project at an amazing price. Our team will review every detail with you every step of the way. Overseeing all zoning and permitting requirements with your city or county and providing all construction documentation to lead to a successful build. Our unique design process and build system ensures our clients are designing a product that does not exceed their financial budget.

Types of Home Addition

Whether it’s a room addition, second story, sunroom, kitchen extension, exterior room, or detached addition Crest Contracting will create a smooth look and feel project to resemble your original home construction.

For example some homeowners who are considering first floor renovations in their home may change their minds and realize that what they really need is a second story. While building a second story is one of the most major renovations you can make, it does add significant square footage to your house. And, if you are thinking of putting your home to the real estate market this is worth considering.  

Crest Contracting is a veteran-owned company and provides service not only in Tucson Arizona, but also in nearby surrounding areas, such as Sahuarita, Green Valley, Marana and more. Using Buildertrend project management software will allow our clients to be fully aware of their project from start to finish all from the convenience of their app from their phone. Our clients receive progress logs, photos, updates and scheduling charts on a daily basis.

Contact us and let us build your home addition and let us boost the overall value of your home.