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January 19, 2020

Installing a new roof is certainly an investment, but it’s one that can deliver major benefits. A quality roof helps boost your home’s overall efficiency and keeps it protected from Tucson, Arizona’s harsh climate. Choosing the right roof can also help you make a positive environmental impact. If you’re ready to go a little greener, these excellent environmentally-friendly roofing options belong at the top of your list.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is hardly new, but it’s enjoyed a real surge in popularity in recent years. With so many outstanding benefits, it’s not hard to see why. Metal roofs are highly durable, long-lasting, easy to install and available in a wide range of styles. Best of all, they’re made with up to 95 percent recycled material. That means installing or replacing a metal roof results in virtually no material waste. By adding a cool roof coating, you can also save a great deal of energy on air conditioning.

Wood Shakes

Is there anything more attractive than a roof built with authentic wood shakes? This classic roofing style offers natural beauty and rustic charm that makes every roof wholly unique. It also happens to be a smart and responsible roofing choice. High-quality wood shakes are natural, renewable and produced in a clean and sustainable manner. When properly installed, they can also add a valuable layer of insulation. This keeps the elements out and helps you use less energy to maintain a comfortable indoor space.

Tile Roofing

There’s a reason tile is such a popular residential roofing choice throughout the Tucson area. In fact, there are several reasons. Clay and concrete tiles offer excellent longevity and natural protection against insects, pests and rot. When tiles need to be replaced, the materials are easily recycled. Many types of tiles also have excellent thermal properties. Even in the baking heat of summer, installing a tile roof can naturally keep your home cooler and more comfortable.

Creating a more eco-friendly home is a worthy goal that may be easier than you think. For a great place to start, check out Crest Contracting Roofing’s residential roofing services or call 520-462-2681 to explore your roofing options.

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